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40 years of studying gunstuff, never heard

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or readof a case where a US civilian, in modern times, had to HIT more than 2 guys with his pistol, and I frankly can't recall ever hearing of a of a documented case where a cop had to do so, either. Cirillo's third guy was shot in the back, fleeing. There might have been a few such cop cases, in the Gang era, but they were EXTREMELY rare. hit 1-2, the rest flee.

practicing just STANDING in the open, taking more than 1,or at the VERY most,2seconds to hit more than 1-2 toros, more than 1-2 times each,is just stupid, that's all. It's a waste of money and precious range time.
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Shows what little you know. In NYC a policewoman, with a .38, stopped an armed robbery team of three. She shot all three with her five shooter, killing one and capturing the other two. She got the NYPD medal of honor. This happend not ten years or so ago.
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