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45 gr 22, 2300 fps, or 180grs, 850 fps?

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The .22 Hornet rifle starts its bullet at 2600 fps, but out where it hits the target, its blunt, sphp bullet is down to 2300 fps, (like 75 yds) Yet at that range, a chest hit with it dumps big feral dogs pretty well. At 10 ft, the 180 gr pocket .40 only has 850 fps, and it does nothing of the kind.

If you believe in the "bullet diameter-momentum crowd's bs, the Hornet,with its 10.3 momentum, should be less effective than the .40's 15.3 momentum, and then there's the fact that the .40 bullet has about 3x the "frontal area" of the .22.

So, intelligent people realize that when velocity is HIGH ENOUGH, and the tranferred energy is large enough, that energy means more than does bullet diameter or momentum, when it comes to increasing the odds of getting and instant stop. I recommend 55 grs at 2200 fps in the pocket pistol, in the formof the 3 segment "Split Nose' prefrag, because I've seen it work on flesh and blood, and I've seen lots of failures by large, heavy, low veclocity bullets. I bring up the Hornet because many have experience with it on animals, and I know nobody but me cares enough to bother with such high velocity handgun bullets.

No, I didn't say that the 356 TSW,with my chosen load, is perfect. I just said that it's a lot better than a lame assed 180 gr .40 Short and weak, and the 356 can be had, and controled adequately, in a real pocket pistol.
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