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8.5" gun. Beats the .44 mag's ballistic performance, in same size gun. Cut an inch off of a 4" M29's barrel, so it's ALSO an 8.5" gun, and it won't get 240 gr jhp's over 1300 fps, and the factory loads won't be over 1200 fps. .45's got 10% more frontal area than does the .44, ya see. So when you look at the overall impact effect, the 460 wins. Put a 6" barrel in the 460, and it will get the 230 gr jhp's over 1400 fps. So it STAYS out in front of the .44, especially with factory loads. A fully supported barrel COMES with modern, "fully loaded' Springfield 1911's, as does their "all caliber" ejector". So all you have to do is get a spare barrel, about $50 used, have it reamed to .460, another $50. Beats hell out of paying $350 for a used DA .44 mag. No speedloaders and different holster to buy, no different action to learn, no DA trigger pull to fight, etc. No new dies, no new molds or bullet sizer die needed. Just the longer, stronger case of the .460, and the resetting of the seating and crimping dies.
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