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460 Rowland makes .41 mag look sick

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by comparison, same size gun, and it does so in a gun that's easier to ccw, has a .22 unit, has low cost, readily available ammo, etc. Hey dummies, the ONLY diff between Rowland and .45 ACP is a barrel and spring swap. Takes about 20 seconds to swap calibers. between Rowland and .45 ACP. If use the "all caliber" Spld Ejector, and their slides, you can swap to 9mm just as fast, too. If not, only adds about 1 minute to swap ejectors.

The Rowland gets a 200 gr jhp. to 1450 fps, in a gun that's only 8.5" long. A 4" barreled N frame smith is 9.5" long. Cut that barrel to 3", and SEE if your .41 can get a 200 gr jhp to 1450 fps. It can't. Put a 6" barrel in the 1911, and the .460 will get that 200 gr jhp to 1500 fps, too. The 4" 41 will do nothing of the kind. Nor is .41 ammo $20 per 100 rds at Wally world, like bulk pack .45 ACP is.
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460 roland

hey,223 fan. that was a cool post ! and interesting.

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