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460 Split Nose, 223 Fan

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223 fan, please explain exactly what a 460 grain split nose is, what it's fired from, and what makes it superior to other pistol rounds. Thank You.
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All of the data, which in my opinion only begs one question. Why, What is the overall benifit to all of the mods, does a .45ACP interchange in a converted barrell, and How much more performance do You get compared to say a Aguila IQ slug. I am just asking so lets all stay civil.
Why must we be "Ignorant" when its your custom reload?, and not something we can even buy a mold for let alone duplicate without your instructions? I dont see were the results, which may or may not be as advertised. One other point is the manufacture specifys the longer csae length for safety what you recomend is similar to running full bore .357 reloads through a .38 spcl.. Not recomended over a period of time, may not go BOOM today but one of these days, POW.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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