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5.56/.223 to .300BO case forming First Experiment & Experience

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Pulled the center spindle out of my Hornady.300BO sizer die shot in a bit of spray lube and ran one 5.56 Win.USA case into it.

Here's the preliminary result:
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Yeah, some may not find it inspiring but oddly enough after reloading or assembling my own ammunition off and on for approximately 42 years this is the first time I've intentionally, started the process of forming one type of cartridge case from another.

I've also got a crazy hair brained idea to make at least one .300BO case trim die similar in function of the old RCBS ones.
The idea is that I may be more off grid than I like after I initially move and have to have something to do at night by the light of a kerosene lamp.😛

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Ah, okay now to do it the proper way in one fell swoop or pull push of the reloading press handle.
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