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5 garnads, start first, with their 2.2 sec

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ccw belt rig draw and hit (doesn't include the dummy's .25 second reaction time) at 10 feet, With hand in pocket, I can react, draw and hit all 5 in 2.1 seconds, no problem. Reaction, draw from pocket, and hit first one takes .65 second. Each of the others takes .35 second. they lay there dying, gasping their "certainty" that because no timer was present, speed didn't mean a THING. :)
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And which wet dream did you get these timings from? You didn't get them from me, as you have never shot with me! Wannabe.
Geez, 16 years ago and Melvin was scared of my abilities.
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Yep and he's a never was been name dropping coat tail rider and a poor one at that.:nope:
I've never been blazing fast from the holster and never claimed to be, but .35 second split times on a man-size target at ten feet is not fast; especially for someone who claims 'world class' status. I've posted video of doing .21 to .34 second splits, on 12" targets, at 35 feet; more than three times that distance.

His "garand-size" :) (say 12" wide) target at ten feet is roughly the same as a 42" target at 35 feet; and that's his standard for 'world class' performance..?

Looked at the other way, my 12" target at 35 feet is the same as a 3.4" target at his ten-foot distance. And I (an over-the-hill *******) am still hitting them 40% faster than his unsubstantiated bragging speed.

And to emphasize again - this is NOT a brag, because my times aren't brag-worthy. There are a ton of people better than I am and I am absolutely NOT 'world class'. It's just that the undocumented claims in these pontifications - even if they actually were true - are simply not something that would be worth boasting about.
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