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I've never been blazing fast from the holster and never claimed to be, but .35 second split times on a man-size target at ten feet is not fast; especially for someone who claims 'world class' status. I've posted video of doing .21 to .34 second splits, on 12" targets, at 35 feet; more than three times that distance.

His "garand-size" :) (say 12" wide) target at ten feet is roughly the same as a 42" target at 35 feet; and that's his standard for 'world class' performance..?

Looked at the other way, my 12" target at 35 feet is the same as a 3.4" target at his ten-foot distance. And I (an over-the-hill *******) am still hitting them 40% faster than his unsubstantiated bragging speed.

And to emphasize again - this is NOT a brag, because my times aren't brag-worthy. There are a ton of people better than I am and I am absolutely NOT 'world class'. It's just that the undocumented claims in these pontifications - even if they actually were true - are simply not something that would be worth boasting about.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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