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5 guys walk by, 25m, bolt user can't do

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ANYTHING, auto rifle user, ESPECIALLY one with a can, can kill them all, before they can fire a shot, take cover, etc Ditto 3 guys at 50m, 2 guys at 100m. post shtf,u are going to get LOTS of such chances, and you'd BETTER be able to handle them.
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Stupe with bad back and CAR gets lost in woods. Can't find water for DAYS. Stupe gets so thirsty he makes LOTS of mistakes.

Taking on 5 'guys' walking at 25 yards is the height of 'stupesville'. That 5 guys might very well be the point of a batallion for all a stupe would know. Even in Vietnam, LRRPs with hushpuppies knew better than to shoot at such (but then a stupe who was a REMF and REJECTED for VIETNAM SERVICE woudn't know a thing about that.)
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this happened to me about 6 years ago, was bow hunting deer 4mile n of mex border around sasabee. was watching canyon on r/flank hunkerd down when 6 mexican drug mules ghosted threw to my front,about 20 yards down the trail, the lead one looked l/r real quick and crossed, followed by 5 more. first 3 had identical oversize army packs, not alice type? stuffed,the back 3 had the same type of bedroll about 18"by48"or longer straped long ways on there backs.tail-end charlie had a "gunsmoke"type coffee pot swinging to the right of his carpet roll when he crossed the far side of trail he turned around to check his 6, we made eye contact or at least i seen his eyes rotate to his r side at me.all this time i didn't move a twitch just followed them with my eyes i had on desert b.d.u tri-colors.with boulders in front/behind me. these guys were classic, 10' intervals and quiet, mid-twentys i'd say and fit not your standard ratassed scratch-backs. all thoughts of engagement evaporated when i seen those big bed rolls not knowing what was inside i.e.ak?rpg? and me with a compound. no thanks i waited about 10 minutes then d-DeeD the hell up trail to truck and comfort of pistol grip shorttube rem.1100 behind seat. i don't know guys, i was fine till i seen those big bed rolls, something in them gave me the creeps from20 yards away thanks:alien:
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We were doing a SAR (Search and Recovery) class with VA State Police about 11 years ago. We played hardened criminals on the run and we had quite a bit of the Skyline drive to use as our escape area. We'd avoided the searchers for about two days with no problem but on the third day, we had run into the closing circle.

I found a spot where I could get under some cover and I took it. For the next hour, I watched as the cops went by me over and over again. Some of them had passed by close enough that I could reach out and touch them had I wanted to. I was caught the following day when I tried the same trick but one of the troopers was real smart and read the sign instead of looking for me directly.

In the incident in Arizona that GK has quoted, where the escaped convict lead police on a wild goose chase for weeks, one of the biggest reasons he got away with it as long as he did was that the main tracker that the cops always used was an old man who had just gone in for heart surgery. The escapee also periodically would steal a car and change immidate location fast.

They interviewed the tracker from the hospital and said that the escapee would be caught eventually because it was turning into a game and he was staying in the area instead of hopping a train or something and trying to vanish.

The escapee, who had been serving a life sentence for a bank robbery/hostage situation gone bad, was later extradited to California where he was sentenced to die for another crime.
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