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5 Pepper Poppers, 7 yds, sub 2 secs, draw

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along with rreaction time, is the "shootoff" performance level at the Steel Challenge. Bill Wilson once got them all down in 1.6 secs, or some such, but he never again came close to such a time, so the guys decided that that 'run" was a either a timer malfunction, or a combination of pure luck and having 'jumped" the starting beep(saving .20 second of reaction time, you see. The time would thus normally have been 1.8 secs

It most certainly IS possible to react, draw from a speed rig, and get off 5 shots, as you move the gun across a row of targets, in 1.8 secs. What's luck is hitting all of them, if they are only 10" wide and are at 7 yds' distance from you. :) The reaction, draw and first hitt can be done in as little as .55 second, given a "hand hover' start-posiiton, or as little as .65 second, starting hands at sides. That leaves 1.11-1.25 seconds in which to fire 4 more shots, which can easily be done, (if no hitting, of other targets is required of all such shots). :)
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IPSC is NOT reality. Tell us what you know about real life practical tactics.

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if u can't do it in a match,what makes u THINK u can do it in a fight, hmm? My speed of draw has SEVERAL times prevented my having to shoot, and the one time that I had to fire, it stopped the attacker dead in his tracks. .22's a dog in top of head, right at my feet, at midnight, ccw'd 22 Ruger,with silencer.

The COMPLETE confidence you show to attackers,based upon your KNOWING that you are in the right, KNOWING you are a proven top hand with a gun, KNOWING that you're a proven taker of game with that pistol and load, KNOWING that you are proven top hand at full-contact hand to hand, KNOWING that you know how to vanish from the legal system, etc, SHOWS. Attackers can TELL that you WILL shoot them to pcs, if they dont stop,INSTANTLY. NOBODY who's ever listened to me teach,or seen me shoot or hunt, thinks that I'm anything but what I claim to be. The ONLY bozos who "think" the latter are those who HAVEN'T seen me "in action".
There are many of us who would like to see you in action. You have several outstanding invitations now. They don't even involve firearms so you would be safe. All you would have to do is display your fieldcraft expertise and enjoy free food, drink and good company. If you met some of us personally, you might learn that we have things in common. You would be in no danger.

It is an inyeresting game, but in the real world humans are bigger targets than Pepper Poppers.
It is quite like Olympic rapid fire pistol two second stage with one less target and a draw at the start, Not too difficult.
Erika, you took the words out of my mouth, thanks
there IS no 2 second stage of Olympic Rapidfire. It's 8, 6, 4 seconds. the mark on a man that will RELIABLY stop him, with most pistol loads, is SMALLER than a Pepper Popper. There is ZERO reason to expect gut or shoulder hits to have ANY immediate effect on an attacking man, with typical pistol ammo. 460 split nose, yes, .45 jhp's, no.
andy said:
if u can't do it in a match,what makes u THINK u can do it in a fight, hmm?

Hmm, I've never had guys line up at a constant distance in a real fight, so I don't know when I might, if ever, use what I "learn" in a match in a fight. Of course having traded fire with people, I plan on doing everything I can to avoid having to do it again.

Only loser wannabes wish for combat, and only failed amateurs think they'll come out of it alive.

BTW, you aren't a top hand, never were and never will be.
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