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off the gun butt, LIVE ammo times(with a SECURE RIG, 1911) AVERAGE in the .50 second category. The Western fast draw guys, using Wax ammo, ridiculously 'set out" rigs, AVERAGE times in the .30's. That .20 second diff is out of RESPECT for the difference between a blood blister on your leg, and NO LEG,if you get a bit fast on the trigger. They "slap cock' for wax shooting, not "twist". Twist is for blanks,where no target must be hit. Blanks are fired at the GROUND, noise stops the timer. Blank times average in the high .20's second category,because you dont have to get the gun 'leval" or pointed in any particular direction. SUCH is the crap garnad CLAIMS is the samething as CONCEALED draws, starting hands at sides,with live ammo and chest hits. :)

Twisting, the trigger is held back and the hammer is fanned with the other hand. Slap cocking, the hammer is fanned back, and the gun hand finger pulls the trigger. It's all done by "feel" getting the body "set" just-so, in relationto the target.
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