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Now this is a real nice little toy to play with!

I bought an upper chamber in .50 Beowulf a few months ago and mounted on an Armalite lower I had. Now the .50 Beowulf is NOT a .50BMG, but darn it is a BIG cartridge! The end of the barrel looks more like the tailpipe of an automobile than the business end of a rifle.

I was very pleasantly surprised at how accurate the upper and the round is. Even using a Trijicon red dot site, I was able to make respectably tight groups at 70 yards. But I did learn one thing interesting. The butt of that Armalite lower was cut with grooves that left rather sharp points. I guess it is to grip against the shoulder when firing the standard .223. If you shoot the .50 Beowulf with this sort of stock DO NOT do it with a sleeveless shirt! I had an interesting pattern of welts on my shoulder afterwards. Needless to say, I orders a kinder, more gentler buttstock for that gun right away!

Oh, and it was 100 percent reliable as well. I didn't shoot a lot of them (my shoulder was complaining quite a bit), but enough to feel this is a good combo. I tried earlier conversions using the .50AE and was not at all impressed with the results. This thing WORKS.

This is a load of fun to shoot. Makes VERY big holes in the target and the projectile creates quite a dust cloud when it impacts the ground behind the target.

Here's some info if you want to look into this further:

.50 Beowulf Review

Alexander Arms Website
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