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50 Caliber fight in 2004

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Dear Fifty Caliber Supporter,

2003 was a year of hard fought victories – 50 caliber bans were defeated in California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey. FCI also fought against and defeated proposed bans at the county level, including Long Beach, CA. We also successfully fought efforts at the federal level to move Senator Feinstein’s fifty caliber ban.

2004 is shaping up to be just as busy.

In California, AB 50 is still simmering and contrary to other internet reports, AB 50 is not dead yet. We are working closely to track any efforts to revive this bill.

At the federal level, the pending debate over extending and expanding the 1994 Clinton gun and magazine ban threatens to ensnare fifty caliber target rifles as well.
Anti-gunners have sought to add the 50 caliber to their list of so-called “assault weapons.”

In Virginia there’s been talk of gun control bills that include a ban on “50 caliber assault rifles?”, kind of reminds you of the news reports about the .357 magnum semi-automatic revolver!

The anti-gunners are at it again thanks to their friends in the media. One radical gun banning organization managed to spoon feed their imaginary 50 caliber threat scenario to an aviation publication, which should have known better.

MSNBC is rerunning their hit piece on the 50 caliber rifle, which makes the ridiculous claim that these rifles can destroy tanks and helicopters from nearly a mile and a half away!

To top it all off, 2004 is a presidential election year. The leading Democrat, John Kerry, has claimed he’s running to be the “anti-NRA” candidate. His mentor and one of his top fundraisers is Ted Kennedy…you can bet that a President Kerry would leap at the chance to ban your fifty caliber target rifle along with a lot of other guns.

The Fifty Caliber Institute will be at the front of the fight to keep our freedoms, we’ll keep you informed about the latest attacks on the fifty through our email alerts and we’ll continue to provide reasoned and expert opposition to efforts to ban our rifles.

We won in 2003 – and we want to do it again in 2004, but we need your help. FCI doesn’t clog your mailbox with expensive direct mail pieces begging for more money. We don’t use your donations to raise more donations; we use them to fight against gun control.

We run a tight ship, no expensive direct mail, no expensive office overhead, and no expensive salaried staff. What we have is dedication, experience, a winning track record and a base of unstoppable supporters like you.

That’s why I am asking for your help in starting off 2004...please visit the link below to make an online contribution. We’re kicking off the year with some major announcements at the 2004 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, but we need your help right now.

Donate today, visit

Thanks for your continued support

Yours in Freedom,

John Burtt

Michael Marks
Executive Director
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