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.50 second was about the fastest

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i was ever able to react, draw, and hit, at arm's length, with live ammo and a speed rig, starting hands at sides, and that took a warmup. .63 second was about the fastest I ever averaged to react, make a draw, and it chest at 5 yds, starting hands at sides, and that was after a few warmup draws. This was going to Weaver, but mostly point shooting. The .50 second stuff, was from a retention position.. In it, the top inside corner of the wrist slams into the bottom corner of the pec-ribcage, and that is the "feel" you need to fire, and reliably get chest hits, at arm's length. If you fire "from the hip", the hip or pelvic area is where your bullets will strike
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wearing a concealable rig adds nearly

.10 second, and so does using "surrender" as a hand start. Concealment adds about .20 second, but some of that extra.20 second can be "blended into" the extra .15 second (or so) added by the use of a ccw capable rig and the surrender start. So you are looking at a lower speed limit of .95 second for a reaction, ccw belt draw,from surrender, to hit chest at 5 yds, of about .95 second. I have occasionally bested .85 second, from hands at sides, but the hits at that speed are lucky flukes. At 6-8 ft, yes, at 15 ft, no.

From hands at sides, ccw, I've reacted, drawn and hit at arm's length, in .75 second, but the average is more like .80 second. Believe me, with live ammo, that's moving so fast that it scares the hell out of you. This was with a lw commander, at the navel position, under a hung out t shirt, with the weak hand brushing the shirt up "clear' of the gun, for the draw to be made with the strong hand. All on PACT Club timer. If you think that those times aren't much, you TRY it sometime. :)
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