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$5000 u can't hit 1" disks, slingshot, 4m

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9 out of 10 tries, using rocks in the slingshot. That's ALL the bigger the brain circle is on small game, andWITHOUT such a hit,you AINT taking them with a slingshot and rocks. , I guarantee it. All YOU have to bet is $500, (instead of betting your LIFE, as you will be doing post shtf)

It's just STUPID to be exposed to enemy fire, all the times you will HAVE to be, to take any small critters with slingshot.

Don't waste your time or energy on slingshot or practicing with such a toy. For the same wt, and LOTS less bulk, you can carry 50 more rds of .22lr, and that will SILENTLY feed you for many years, and do so a LOT easier, and have VERY serious combat-potential, unlike that joke of a slingshot.

The slingshot has NO potential (using rocks) of taking dogs, livestock, deer, men, or similar large critters, while the silenced .22 AR unit can easily do so at 50m,perhaps double that,in some cases.
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When you know better, you just ignore the idiots.
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