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55 gr 223's r 40 rds to lb. so r 115 gr 9's

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so when you go with a .44 lever and revolver, you not only have MUCH heavier, bulkier guns, less rapidfire, no small game efficiency, no long range capability, no real concealment or 1 handed use, but you also can't carry nearly as many ro .44unds, and you can't suppress the revolver. If you suppress the lever action, you have to shorten the tubular mag so much that you only have 4-5 shots at your command. :) Real loser of a combo, actually.
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

To those who favor EFFICIENCY in their tools, a CAR-15 is indeed a splendorous sight. A good 223 softpoint is actually a BETTER killer than is a 44 Mag swc, even if the latter is fired from the rifle. It transmits more shock, destroys more tissue. I've seen even 223, 55 gr ball, even from 11" barrels, down deer as "quickly" as does 170 gr 30-30 sp ammo. That is, they run 50-100 m, flop around a bit, then expire. I know of several cases where .44 mag swc's let them run 200+m.
I've seen 223 sp;s blow chucks nearly

in half. 44 swc just makes a .5" hole, even from the carbine. 240 gr jhp's, from 4" barrel of a revolver, do no better, either. There's LOTS more small game and varmints than there is big game, and the .44 is no elk or big bear gun, anyway. It's not even a 200 yd deer gun, actually. So even if you AINT going by legal seasons, .44's a joke as a hunting gun, and it's certainly a joke as a fighting gun.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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