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.55 sec, on modern shooting timers,

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with live ammo, is as fast as I've ever pushed a reaction, draw and hit. That's for a target at 3 ft, and with a speed rig, and a hands at sides start positon. The old Khrondek sweep hand timer was well known to post times .03 second faster than those shown on today's electronic timers. So my (current) .20-.22 second reaction time(age 52 is basically only .01-02 second slower than it was at age 24, when I first got on Bob Arganbright's Khrondek, which he sold to me in 1978, 2 years later, when he bought one of the first electronic shooting timers to be made available. Drawing and firing a gun, in .30 second (excluding the reaction time) is pushing things really hard, especially with a cocked and locked SA auto, which is what I always used. An error of such slight magitude as to be unnoticable can easily result in your blowig off your leg, you know.

Due to repetitve motion type injury, continuing to work on super fast draws is not all that great of an idea, you know. Almost nobody gets to openly wear a pistol anyway, and speed from concealment is considerably less, and considerably less likely to matter, too. Hand on gun, in a pocket holster, will always be faster than a ccw belt rig draw, and if you dont "smell" trouble, the 3/4 second necessary to get your hand in your pocket, no amount of speed is liklely to save you. Especially if you dont wear concealable armor, and don't have really effective ammo in your pistol.
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