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6.5 grendal. whoopee crap, same wt as30

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30 AK bullet, a whopping extra 200 fps, pathetic BC numbers, so it can't possibly be better than even the 69 gr 223 bullet, as to fighting wind or gravity. so you get to lug around 30% more ammo wt, for no realistic gain in performance at all,a nd you have to give up the 22lr conversion unit. Wow, that's an impressive "gain".
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so HOW u gonna use a .223" .22lr bullet

in a .264" bore, dummy? :-( By the timeyou allow .005" of slip fit for a barrel liner, the wall thickness could be at most .018". That would be a REALLY sturdy thing to have with you in the field. the .22 unit for the 223 needs no barrel liner, so it is quite sturdy indeed. you AINT carrying an entire spare upper receiver group in the field, dummy. A 3/4 lbs, 10" long .22 unit, however, is quite feasible to always have with you, and the caliber swap takes only 20 seconds, and the accuracy and POI are quite acceptable for foraging. The accuracy of the 22 units for the .30 AK basically suck, and if you don't get the barrel liner EXACTLY back where it was, the POI shift is pretty sad.
.500 BC, 140 gr 264 bullet, started at

2600 fps, is down to 1800 fps at 500 yds(according to the "long range tables" in the Speer manual). Somebody is LYING about the Grendel peformance (a lot). :)
like I SAID, twit, u AINT gonna be CARRYING

an entire spare upper. so you DO lose the ability to just convert to 22lr in the FIELD. Why don't you just ADMIT that you were WRONG, dummy?
to take small game, to use subsonic

22's (thru the 223 can) to quietly remove a sentry or guard dog, to make your 223 ammo last longer, to make use of "recovered", found, or bartered-for ammo, dummy. HALF of the 6 billion rds a year made or importedinto the US each year is .22lr, and that DOES include the shotgun shells. So if you aquire ammo after shtf, the odds are that it will be .22lr, ESPECIALLY in useful amounts. finding 50 rds with the dead guys AK barely makes the package worth rolling up his poncho and burying. It's really easy, however, to have 500 rds of .22lr, and QUITE likely, actually, because of that ease, low cost, quietness, etc. MANY will switch over from shotgun, bolt centerfire, etc to .22 auto rifle, once they wise up (from seeing friend shot dead, after making NOISE, and being REALLLY unable to fight worth a hoot). :)
what THEY got I want, hmm? Destroying

the economy will starve the millitary within a year, and that will be easy. Just bust a few inmates out of prison, they will do the rest, in return for their freedom.
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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