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60,000 rds, still "match" Hard Rock

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claims, HOT loads, thru one barrel. He's a liar, and any real rifleman knows it.
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Come to Virginia, I'll show you my data books AND I'll introduce you to Wraith and a few other guys that will verify my shots. One of which you claim to know very well...

<font color=red>[**censored**]</font> your logbooks, u effing liar. So

you LIE in them, too, so what? You can come HERE and TRY putting 10 rds across my skyscreeens, with a 308, at 1200 yds, like you CLAIM you can do, you pc of <font color=red>[**censored**]</font>. I've got $5000 to your $500 that says you couldn't do so in an entire DAY of trying. I have the wide "V" reflectors, too. :)
So go wannabe, people have offered to pay your way!
yawn... give it up Tard. The data in my books is accurate to the last round. Not to mention that almost every round in them has been shot in front of witnesses.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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