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It isn't all about muzzle energy. Energy is a measure, but not the ultimate. To prove this to yourself, load two different weight bullets of the same construction to the same muzzle energy. A .357 is a pretty good cartridge for the proof.

A 125 grain XTP at 1400 fps. 544 ft lbs.
A 158 grain XTP at 1250 fps. 548 ft lbs.

Shoot each into a block of ductseal clay. The 158 grain bullet will penetrate much deeper and create a much larger wound channel, measured by filling with water. That's just fact. Try it.

Another test would be to see how well each penetrates a hard substance, then into dsc. Hard plastic, such as used in cheap bathroom sinks, is a pretty good bone simulator. A 1/2" thickness will pretty much use up the 125 grain bullet (not stop it, but it doesn't have much left when it hits the dsc), while the 158 grain bullet will do considerable more "damage".

If those two little tests still don't convince you, load the 158 grain bullet down to around 1100 fps, leaving the 125 grain bullet at 1400 fps. Reshoot. That should be enough.

Energy isn't everything.

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