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$600 45-70-444,or $150 12ga pump? Same

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potential, really, given a good choice of slugs in the 12 ga, and decent sights on it. Reaches 100m with irons, 125m with a scope. 45-70 doesn't reliably reach enough further to MATTER any, and the pump is faster for repeat hits. Also, the shotgun offers buckshot and birdshot options, the 45-70 offers nothing. It aint hard to find a used Mossberg pump, with iron sights, for $150,private sale. Or a $100., and get the sights mounted for $50, if u just know where to look. 440 grs, 1400 or so fps, or 250-400 grs,at 1800-1500 fps. whoopee doop. Still drop like a stone because of gravity, blunt nose, and still drift inthe wind like a balloon, because of low velocity and wide profile to the wind.
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.45-70 shooters regularly shoot out to (and beyond) 1000 yards. Even a Marlin levergun will shoot to 800 without much problem. Yes, using a tang mounted sight, which most avid .45-70 shooters have. Although you can get some fairly hot loads, most of that long-range shooting is done with blackpowder loads. So STFU until you know what you're talking about.
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