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75 gr Hornady Vmax, 2800 fps, 24" bore

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is still expanding, still has 1800 fps, 500 ft lbs left at 500 yds. So much for the fools who "think" a 223 has no power left beyond 200m. :) It can still hit as hard at 1/4 mile as a 6" 357 revolver does at 10 ft. You just have to have the right rifle and load, that's all. Where would you rather have a failure to stop (after you chest hit him), at axe-swinging ranges, or at a 1/4 mile, hmm? The 223 has PLENTY of power for civilian sniping needs(post shtf) You are safer, at 1/4 mile, with a canned 223 auto, than you are with a noisy bolt action, at 1/2 a mile, and MANY times more likely to get the hit, too.
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