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8 guys walk by, slung sks's 10m, can u

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get them ALL? how long will you have to do so?Will any of them be able to fire a shot? u r in thick cover, they are fully-exposed, you raise up to fire after the last one is slightly past your position. They are smoking and joking.

Harry Claflin did this, the FIRST time he ever killed a man. 4 OTHER Force Recon Marines, all just as green as Harry was, were SUPPOSED to help. Harry was the radio man, and his LT was up the trail, clicking off the number of men coming into the ambush zone. The other guys froze, Harry needed a second "pass" with his M3 .45 smg to get them all down. He used up the entire 30 rd mag, at 7 shots per second. So the shock of being fired upon, in what they THOUGHT was a "totally safe" Plains of Jars, in Laos, left those bozos STANDING there, some of them for a full 4 seconds. Perhaps Harry's first "pass" across them with his smg got hits on everybody, but they weren't DOWN. Man, with a canned CAR, braced around a tree, at 10m, 4 seconds is time enough to hit a LOT of people, one 223 sp each.
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And Jim Morris said- " The only difference between a war story and a fairy tale is one starts off- "once upon a time" while the other starts of with-"this ain't no <font color=red>[**censored**]</font>".":D
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