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80% 1911 lowers r a great way to

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have a pistol that Big Brother doesn't know about. They take about 3 hours to finish (in aluminum) about 4 hours if steel. That's if you have a Dremel and a slide to work with.

It's still legal to "use" any name you wish, as long as you aren't committing a crime or somehow harming someone by so doing. $20 extra gets your lower (and the other parts kit) shipped anywhere, "next day delivery", and the driver does not ask for ID, just a "signature". If you know it's coming, you can be waiting, right? Maybe in front of an enemy's place, even? :) Sarco still has Brazilian slides, for $50, and their barrels are ok. Avoid their hammers, safeties, sears, disconnectors, sear springs, firing pins,, and extractors, tho. Get those from Numrich, or better yet, McCormick(at Numrich Arms' site) Get Megar mags.
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