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is flat EASY if you have a Kydex front pants pocket rig, a good,slick,small gun, a roomy pocket, velcro in the pocket securing the rig in place, and some ability to grab a Weaver stance on your moving gun hand, starting with hand ON gun, in the pocket rig. It's right at impossible to match this time with hands at sides, ccw belt rig, even if you are very talented and work at it for YEARS. :) With even 10% as much work, the HIP (hand in pocket) draw is quite feasibly reduced to .70 second,reaction, draw and hit, 10" at 10ft, average of 5 shots, and NOBODY can average that, with a ccw belt. Rig. with a LOT more work, you can get it down to .55 second, too. Remove your .20 second reaction time (ie, you start FIRST) and the draw move and hit take .35 second. That is faster than nearly any man can DECIDE that what you are doing is a threat, react, and shoot you. If you work at arm's length ranges, you can get reliable hits with a 1 armed point shot, by "locking" the curve of your wrist under your pec (That's your titty, Rika) as both the horizontal and vertical "index' of when you should fire. With this technique, reaction, HIP draw, and hits can average a bit under .50 second. Remove the reaction time, and the guy holding a gun on you only has .30 second, or a bit less, to realize what you are doing, react, and shoot you. If you SLOWLY remove your hand from the pocket, because he's TOLD you to do so, he only has .20 second to SEE that you have SOMETHING in your hand, before you shoot him. if he's told you to "hand over your money", he EXPECTS you to have SOMETHING in your hand, so now he not only has to NOTICE that something's in your hand, but that it's a GUN. :) Too late, skate.
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