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It is a bit hard to believe that the past three years have gone by as quickly as they have even though the events of 9/11/2001 seem very long ago - well sort of anyway.

Living on Long Island just outside the NYC limits and working in Manhattan, I am often reminded of the tragedy that took place that day. Maybe tragedy is the wrong word to describe 9/11, I imagine that barbaric act fits it better. Today I spent most of the day at home, the last several hours just chilling on the net, mostly on these forums. I dropped off the wife at work, then ran errands this morning, and then picked up the wife from her job this afternoon, then got lazy. All in all it has been a sort of a bland day for me. Heck 9/11/01 started as a bland day for me too, as it did for most Americans. Today was that way for me all day, though it was not that way for all New Yorkers. Two veteran NYPD detectives were killed today when they were shot while responding to a domestic dispute call. Quite possibly, they were shot with one of their own guns. A sad day all over again, more funerals to come of NYC's finest.

Yet, I am happy that so far this one has remained pretty benign for the nation as a whole. I am not saying that we should not remember or anything like that. I have been thinking about it all day on and off, but I am saying that I am happy that nothing bad has happened to us as a nation on its anniversary. There had been some suspicions that something foul had been afoot, that something else catastrophic would happen today or close to today.

I guess all in all today is a day of remembrance, a day of mourning, and a day to look to the future of America. For me despite it being a rather dull day, it has been a day upon which to reflect. To reflect that we should strive to insure that we will, as a nation, face our enemies, hound them down, and pound them into dust. 9/11 made me a little bit harder than I had been before. I have no forgiveness in my heart, only a desire to see my enemies flee before us as each an every one of them is crushed into the dust. I guess that sounds pretty terrible, but that is what I feel today, and what I think I will feel for the rest of my life.

Remember the fallen, and do something to assure that what made them fall does not keep on happening again and again.

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I Agree!

the last 3 years feel[right now]drawn out!

yet the morning of 9-11-01 is STILL AS VIVID as yesterday morning to me!

i recall laying in bed working on a second cup of coffee[being,30 minutes late for work was no biggie,i'd pull posted work orders for the day and scoot/go home at noon for a nooner,ha!]

i watched on T.V.[LIVE]as the second plane banked and hit.

i'll wager, you living on long island, it STRUCK much closer to home .

but in the same vein/wager neither were less OUTRAGED! at what we saw!

like the POTUS said 'they will hear from us' [they are].

on a some what lighter note, hope you enjoy retirement,in a year or so!

i do have a treasure hunting friend/deadbeat who lives on long island, he comes out every couple of years,ha![get this,with treasure maps no less]
he is pretty entertaining,the last i knew he worked with oyster bay ind.
[c-n-c] on firearms.

although, it is kinda fun to knock around looking for montazumas[sp] lost 150 horse/mule gold laden pack train[that he knows is out here] ha!

sorry, i got of topic there GLEN!

always glad to read your posts.

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