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rather readily. 12 grs of Bullseye does the trick. The bullet is cast of "no lead" solder, available at any plumbing supply store. It's 5% antimony, 95% tin. It's expensive, at $8 a lb, but you get 70 bullets per lb, ya know. How many would you ever need? Cast this alloy and use the Lee 155 gr swc mold, the bullets drop out at 100 grs. A centerdrill in a lathe, and they are hollowbased to 90 grs. They are very hard, and lead the bore very little. 90grs at 2000 fps is 800 ft lbs. The recoil is no worse than 200 grs at 950 fps, so it's still quite controlable in alloy framed, compact ccw guns.
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