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90% of intentional hits, less than 90m

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99% less than 270m, and the 223 reaches 600m if it's loaded right. Guys just LIE about the ranges "snipers" RELIABLY get hits, that's all.
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Hathcock missed about 40%, he was

the best we had, a 1000 yd match champion, too. You can bet that some of his hits were well within the 1/4 mile mark too. So only a bit better than 50% score. LUCK is 50% or less, ya know, like getting heads on a coin toss. Hit-miss is SAME 50-50 split of potential outcomes. You AINT Carlos, so get over this bs about being able to "out reach" 223, (much less NEED to do so) Carlos's 350 kills never changed a thing about Nam, and your 20-30 kills (before YOU get your bolt action taken from your dead carcass) wont mean anything, either.
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