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90% of the hassle about killing is about

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what "society" thinks about your having killed. A man who doesn't CARE what society thinks, says, or does is thus 10x as free to kill.
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Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dalmer, Dayton Leroy Rodgers..................
whatever. The point is, the punk here

who "thinks" it's a big deal to have killed men is wrong.
There is such a thing as "justifiable homicide", but the determination of "justifiable" is not within the hands of the person who commits such an act. It is also done ex post facto by a judge and jury, so there is quite a bit of risk associated with such actions.

Killing just is not a socially or legally acceptable option as long as any other option is available.
but that AINT the issue the bozo here

was talking about. he was inferring that it's SO big a deal to actually have put bullets in people, from the skill or mental aspect of it. It's not, and that should be obvious to anybody.
I think the talk of "killing men" is ended here, gentlemen. I do not believe it is a discussion that is in keeping with what I want this site to be about. Any further messages along this line will be deleted upon my discovery of such talk.

I hope you make this easy on me by simply refraining from such discussions here in the future.

Talk all you want about guns, but killing people is not an acceptable topic on this site.
then why bother with ANY centerfire HG

hmm? CAuse killing men IS what they are about. Any "bluffing" and target practice can be done with .22's. Firing shots at people is REALLY likely to result in their death, ya know.
Spoken from a man who has never killed. Try hitting a man in combat, another man who is just like you, young and far away from home, and then tell me what its like to kill a man
wouldn't bother me a BIT, sonny.

Count on that.. That "switch" was thrown in my mind, DECADES ago. It's just tough stuff, that's all.
Sociopath? Derog? Nah, just accurate!
PS It's always a "big deal" as it can steal one's soul when dealing with the internal mechanisms in a shooting aftermath. No real winner in this type of "game".
If you think your statements make you sound tough, just the opposite is true. I've know a few people that have killed others, either in battle, self-defense, or on the job. These are some of the strongest, toughest people you will ever meet.

They did what was required to stay alive. They didn't relish it. They didn't brag about it. They understood the value of a human life. Everyone of them is a hundred times the man you are, and a million times the human being. The really sad part is you probably can't even understand why.

The people that brag about having thrown that switch, whatever, tend to be the biggest cowards. They are saying what they think makes them bigger and badder than the world they are afraid of.

Even if what you claim about having no problem killing someone (yet you meekly surrendered how many times?) is true, your tactics give you just a bit less than zero survivability should s really hit the fan.

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During my second tour in the Middle East, one night that I pulled guard duty I was paired with "Gawd's gift to Infantrymen". He spent all his time bragging about his exploits than anything else. About 0400 we jumped an infiltrator into our camp. I subdued him, while my partner covered him. My partner kept asking to go over an check the area where the infiltrator got through the fence. I repeatedly told him to stay and cover me, and he did. Then I heard a familiar sound. My partner had peed his pants. At that moment I was more scared of my partner than I was of the infiltrator. At that moment I was on my own.
andy said:
Count on that.. That "switch" was thrown in my mind, DECADES ago. It's just tough stuff, that's all.
He's just trying to get a reaction out of us. He's a little PO'd because new arrivals have already picked him out for the convict phony he is. The only thing john-boy, for all his tought talk, has killed, is time in a cell. He makes these ridiculous statements to get attention, like a spoiled little boy. No other reason. Anyone who has killed anyone else and is a normal person, feels no need to brag or strut. I'll admit at first there IS a certain elation in having bested your opponent in the most stressful test on earth. When that wears off, and it does, you ain't a happy camper. He wasn't a ****, ********, or whatever. He was SOMEBODY. He loved people and people loved him. Turn a switch off? ************* Your trying to sound macho, but you just sound pitiful.
Says GK who's never killed anyone. I've never seen him claim to do more than bluff someone with a firearm.

He's never pulled the trigger on someone who's fired one RPG at him, picked up another and is hurrying to get on target.

He's never mashed down the gas peddle on an F250 and felt the thumps as the tires rolled over someone.

He can only claim to have beaten up oa dogs that he's restrained and strung up.
He claims to have killed a few feral dogs.
Hard Ball said:
He claims to have killed a few feral dogs.
Feral? thats too hard. He killed children's pets like Labs (he bragged about it).

I've killed feral dogs, gunkid/erika has only killed some child's pet!
" gunkid/erika has only killed some child's pet!"

That is about all he is capable of doing. He is just a pathetic wannabe who lies and lies and lies.
now ,set on back an let me tell, a little sunday afternoon DESERT STOMP!

well, friend[an' foes] it all started when my girl friend[MISS COLLEEN] started draging an ol' pussy cat home from the 'rentals'[we lived in a medium,so to speak] any way the 'cat' and MY 'LAB'[WHO I'VE TRAINED TO ATTACK,sometimes] just didn't get along!

after a few days of the cat 'hiding'an the dog 'huntin' the cat CLAWD/TAGGED my dogs right eye[as I boldly stated if that cat claws my dogs eyes, i'll cut off it's head, which i stated from the onset,AND PLAY 'FETCH' IN THE FRONT YARD WITH IT'S HEAD WITH 'JACK']

well my hound being what 'he' is! an the 'cat' being what ''it'' is !

things came to a HEAD[i don't speak lightly,mind you] within a couple of days .
and the cat drew blood on my buddies eye, and the 'war'was on [one i was ill -prepared to win, being as pussy-whipped as never before! but pussy aint

now the good part of the 'TAIL'[ha!] the girlfriend had 'CUT' ME OFF
for about 3 days over the eye ball /cat ruckas an i was as pissed as she was
about the whole deal[my dog, is my dog!]
so after about [3] days of me givin' her the sileint[s.p] treatment

i had enough, an took a [2]quart canteen,[3] 30round M-193 mags
and my favorite,a K-2style [A.R.TYPE RIFLE] and 'jack' and SPLIT[for the day! :laugh01: ,were not crazy,jack and I] :dgrin:

well, after hammering 50miles to a spot i've always liked[i knew it before i knew her[and her 'cat']
it's an old indian 'hill' i found. an 'jack' an i topped the crest, what do you think we smelled?..... it was strong....[i thought cougar/mt.lion, and prepped as such] well, we hunted hard for 200yards just wantin' to find the soruce[s.p.] of the stench on that 'indian hill'

jack,an i hunted them tall boulders[the den] real careful [ha! like 'you' would'nt]

wel;l friends, if you would like to hear who played who with who's head that evening [it is a funny /cool tale!] i might be inclined to post the second half!

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Post the second half dude!
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