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type "accuracy", because 90% of attackers dont MAKE you hit them at ALL, and 90% of those who DO make you shoot them, will be inside 10 ft, (if you are a civilian inside the USA). 99.5% of the time, you wont need more than 10" at 20 ft, and 99.99% of the time, you wont need more accuracy than 10" at 30 ft. so much for having adjustable sights, worrying about "specialty' loads striking 3" low at 10m, etc. :) If u dont hunt with your ccw pc, dont even CONSIDER shooting at big brother, and u aint a cop or in the COMBAT infantry, you dont need sights at ALL, basically, on your ccw pistol, IF it has enough POWER to make achest hit effective. That is, 600 ft lbs or more, TRANSMITTED effectively. You most definitely DO need sights on wimpy loads like the Makarov, because you will quite likely need to get head hits with it, if you need to fire it at all.
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