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Testing the Underwood Xtreme Defender, 68-grain +P in clear ballistics gel from a 16 inch CMMG carbine. Clocked from the carbine it runs 2284 fps, so it has a whole lot of energy, but unfortunately that energy’s not particularly well utilized inside the target. A disappointing amount is simply lost on overpenetration even at carbine velocities, which should serve to increase the claimed hydraulic effect beyond what is achieved at the substantially lower pistol velocities.

Granted, only a one-shot sample size, but I really was expecting (and hoping for) a much more sizable wound track. With it running at twice the velocity that most 9mm bullets get when fired from a handgun, and with its flutes that they claim create a wound cavity twice the size of any JHP bullet (even when only driven at those lower pistol velocities), I was hoping for a substantially wider wound path.

My actual concern before testing was that it wouldn't penetrate enough; that its light weight combined with the alleged massive hydraulic effect of the flutes would keep it from achieving minimum adequate penetration. I was very wrong. The first half of the track looks decent - not earth-shattering, but decent. It has a crazy amount of energy when fired from the carbine, with more than 775 ft/lbs; but unfortunately a whole lot of it is wasted on overpenetration instead of being dumped in the target.

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