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A Challenge To 223 FAN aka ANDY aka Gun Kid aka John etc...

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223 Fan,

You know that in our lives we all come across someone we really look up to. A father figure, or a hero, or a role model - someone who we would like to be like. We sort of mold ourselves around the finer qualities that we see in a people like that, and we don't look at or for anything bad about them. We often become like them ourselves, in certain ways, that is if they had a strong enough effect upon us. For me my heroes were often the lawmen of the old west, the secret agents or spies of my own youth, and Jim Corbett (aka: Edward James Corbett and aka Tiger Hunter extraordinaire, who died in the year of my birth). Granted most of my exposure to any links to them when I was a young lad was on television, in comics, and in books - but regardless of how I learned about them I learned from them. From them I gained my love of guns, nature, hunting, and even chose my career as a lawman specifically as a federal agent.

Sometime in our lives we also wish that someone would look up to us as we have looked up to our own heroes. For me that was easy, my son looked to me as his hero and that was more than enough; but I'll admit I like other people to look up to me sometimes too as a role model or whatever. I get the distinct impression that you would like the same for you, that is that someone sees you as their hero or role model. When you think about it that can be very funny from an outsider's point of view regarding both of us.

On this site we sometimes seem to rub each other the wrong way, in a nasty sort of way. We both know how to shoot off our mouths (or our keyboards). I don't think we always see what others probably see as funny. So I thought maybe it would do both of us some good to give each other a laugh at our own expenses. Along those lines I have a challenge for you, and here it is, and neither of us has to leave home or even waste a single bullet to have some fun:

I challenge you to write your description of me in a parody of a TV theme song that you think is fitting to me but the theme song has to be one from a show in which the main character was one of your childhood heros. It could be from Superman, Batman, Roy Rogers, Rin Tin Tin, Secret Agent Man - you get the idea. You get to choose the theme song and then in a fun way poke at me; I will also write one about you. If you agree, you post yours, and I will then post mine.

By posting yours you are agreeing that this is all in fun, and you agree not to take any legal or civil actions against me directly or indirectly for writing what I will have written about you, and I agree to the same regarding whatever you will have written about me - in other words we will hold each other harmless for what we have written in our song parodies and for any effect they have upon us. The only other thing I would request is that you don't make any threats of violence or harm, nor advocate the same, in anything you write, nor will I.

I'll give you a hint, if I write one about you I will use the theme song Palladin from: Have Gun Will Travel. You can even use the same one if you want. Now let's see if you can harangue me in a fun way, and if I can do likewise to you - and let's see if we can not just laugh at one another but also laugh at ourselves. That is my challenge to you. Will you take a shot?

Best regards,
Glenn B
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I think it would be fun Glenn but he won't take you up on it. Melvin has no sense of humor.

I think he does have a sense of humor, I have noticed it before in one or two of his posts.
Hope you're right Glenn. Would love to see his response.

glen, i think it would be a RIOT.

but to be brutally honest, there is no way 'THE-KID ' will even nibble on this.

sad ,but true !

and he does have a sense of humor[from what i can read]

good try though!

thanks. :blowup01:
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