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Last Sunday (9/28) the wife and I drove down to the Gun Show in Dade City, FL. I had found an Electroless nickle 6 inch Python on AuctionArms that I wanted, and come to find out the dealer selling it was located in Hudson, FL and was going to be attending that show. Seemed like the logical thing to do was to drive on down there and pick it up myself. Plus my FFL guy had another gun he had transferred in for me plus one he was selling himself that I was going to buy.

The Dade City gun show was fair sized. Bigger than the one we have in Tallahassee, but much smaller than the larger shows in Tampa and Orlando. But it was stocked with some pretty nice stuff. I normally don't like doing gun shows on Sundays, since all of the best stuff has usually already been sold. But even so, there were a lot of Pythons there and a fair stock of Diamondbacks. Plus other things to definitely catch the eye. Prices were pretty reasonable as well. I really could have spent a lot of money there that day.

We were on the last row heading down the home stretch and I thought I was going to get out of there without having to spend any money (besides the Python we came to pick up). But darned if this one vendor didn't have a really nice 2 inch Diamondback in .38 Special that caught my eye. I've already got a couple of 4 and 6 inch models, so the 2 incher was a hole in my collection. I say "was" because that little puppy followed me home.

Shame they aren't listed in the Gun & Knife Show Calendar magazine I get, because I wouldn't mind going back there again some day.

So we headed on out to J. David's place. Sunday was the closing of his store, which was a sad thing. But I understand his reasoning for doing so. At least I was able to trade him some cash for his S&W Lew Horton .44 mag. Nice looking gun, but quite a handful. I'm sure I'll be shooting light loads or even just .44 Specials out of it.

He also had the Anaconda in .45 Colt with an 8 inch barrel that I had found. Now that is a REAL hand full of gun! I didn't even know Colt had made the .45 Anaconda in an 8 inch barrel until I saw this one listed on AA. So now I have one in 4, 6, and 8 inches. I don't know if they even made a 2 inch barrel Anaconda to fill out the collection. It would have to be ugly as dirt, but I would have to buy it, nonetheless. That's the illness of having a collection. You reach a point where your addiction leaves you no choices in some matters. If you see a gun that you don't have, have never seen before, and maybe never see again, you HAVE to buy it. Otherwise you may wind up booting yourself in the behind for years afterwards for not doing so.

Connie and I and Dave and Jane went out to dinner and then went back to the shop and had a good time just jawing. Hated to break it up, but Jane was tired and we needed to make the 3.5 hour drive back home. We didn't toll in till around 2:30am, so we really made a day out of it.

So, all in all, it was a real good day. A nice break from the typical routine around here. But of course, now we are a day behind in everything that needs to get done around here.

Oh well.
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