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A Great Trap for survival...

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is a snap trap for mice or rats. The snmap trap sized for mice is great for many small mammals, and if you wound up needing food there are lots of these critters out there - voles, moles, shrews, mice, even small birds (to get away from mammals) and so forth. These take up little room in a survival kit, and weigh very little. If you need to eat, then hunt what is there for the taking. If you are hungry enough they will taste good...
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I think you're talking about the regular snap mouse trap. They are useful but I would rather carry a Conibear 110 or two. Just think of how many mice or shrews you would have to catch for a meal. Perhaps a large sized rat trap would be more useful, I don't know as I've never used one to catch dinner.

i prefer the diggin'stick

for earthworms/roots and seaccch!

thanks for this new fangled 'leap ahead ' techknowagle
as i plan to implement a few in my BOB.

and none of you <font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font>s will ever find ME as i hunt you down for your tennis shoes/scalps

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