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Have to go back to the last president for this one:

Air Force one goes down, and Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore are killed in the crash. Up to the Pearly Gates they all go, where they meet St. Peter. Now, St. Peter can't make up his mind if he should let them all into heaven, so he takes them to God's throne.

God looks at them and says "You must each give me one good reason to let you into the Kingdom of Heaven."

Bill Clinton says "Well, I am the president of the most powerful country in the world. Does that count for anything?"
God says "Ok, you can come in."

Al Gore says "Hey, I am the Vice President of the most powerful country in the world. That has to count, right?"
God says "Well, I guess you can come in too."

Then God looks at Hillary and says "How about you? Why should I let you in?"

Hillary says "Because my name is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Now get out of MY chair!!!!!!!"
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