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A new best friend came home with me today ...

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I just bought a new production Winchester, model 1885, Low Wall, in 22 LR caliber.

I have always been impresssed with the Winchester Low Wall's, and their High Walls. Single shot rifles are a pleasure for me.

Before I bought this particular rifle, I called all over Southern California, from Bakersfield, to San Diego, to find a plain, unadorned model. No such luck. Neither a high end model, or a plain jane model, was available in southern Callifornia, except for one.

Sooo, I went to the gunshop, where I knew a highly engraved, and decorated model, was available, and I bought it.

This rifle has a gold out line, on both sides of the receiver, with engraving, and gold inlays of game animals.

What has really struck me about the reissue of the low wall is the quality of construction, over-all, on the whole rifle. There is no slop in the lever, or the falling block part of the action. The blueing is superb, the checkering without fault.

The barrel is half-round and half-octagonal. There is a Marbles, #9830 tang sight, with a windage base, mounted on the tang.

Am I happy with it? In a word, YES.

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Garand said:
Not my type of purchase, but I hope you enjoy it, when the hammer drops.
Garand, just holding the rifle, and sighting it at the wall, makes it worth it to me.

I will enjoy it, because it will bring baack memories of my grandfather and uncle. Those two fellas really made sure, I knew how to shoot and hunt.

I cut my shooting teeth, on a Winchester Low Wall and a Stevens Favorite.

Raider said:
The sheer beauty and personal pleasure of ownership makes the rifle worthwhile. If a person already has their survival gear and weapons and can afford it then the expense of a highly adorned rifle is worth it.

Enjoy it Bill and tell us how it shoots.

I will have the rifle at the range tomorrow, bet on it.

For right now, the rifle has a Marbles Tang Sight on it. But, it is also drilled and tapped for a scope mount.

A 22 rifle usually benefits from a six power scope, better than other powers, in hunting situations. I have a new Leupold 6X42AO scope that I can put on this particular rifle. Would you believe the scope even has a Mil-Dot reticule?

The wood on this rifle is highly figured, with a finish that appears to be an oil finish. The finish on this rifle isn't as epoxy style shiney, as the Brownings are.

Magnum88C said:
Having FINE weapons is a pleasure. Just being servicable is ok, but when you have a perfectly functioning weapon AND it's pretty to boot, well, it's like a good woman.
Yes, it is just like a good woman, when the lights are out.

Magnum88C said:
Especially if you keep it well oiled. . .
to keep it well oiled, you use something called fore --- I forget the rest of the word. But, I know the proper procedure to keep everything well lubricated ... er, oiled -- yes thats it, well oiled.

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