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have you considered what you are talking about? velocity to a certain degree is useful, but not the whole equation. A 100 gr. .460 cal bullet will probably tumble before it gets to the bad guy. A .355 cal slug going 2200 fps out a 3 inch barrel is pretty hot, about sixty joules of free recoil, about 30% more recoil than a full weight .45 govn't. madel, felt over a shorter time of recoil.
A back-up is just that, if you carry a .50 AE for back-up then you are toting a brick in your pocket. As for combat shooting, at ranges of 7 yards or less most assailant can attack you before you can actually get a back-up drawn under stress. As for splits, well, if combat was actually as mechanical as IPSC shooting then we wouldn't be having this talk would we.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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