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There are some unique aspects to some of the posting styles on this site.

even though the postings may seem random and confusing, take a minute and consider what any post is saying.

Then apply the reasonableness test - is what's posted reasonable, does it make sense, and what conditions would make the post accurate or not?
Is the post presented in a rational, clear manner - is it disjointed, fragmented, or seemingly a random rant?

You may notice a pattern where the same thing is stated multiple times, often with the same responses - does this make the author seem more or less reputable?
You may even see references where somehow the number of posts or thread starts is touted as meaningful - is it?

Look at the responses to any posts, both favorable and not - do they make sense?
Apply the reasonable test from above. Are they concise and clear? are they disjointed?

Then make up your own mind - do you really want to take any advice from the post or the responses.

(good responses to a bad post are worth considering, bad responses to a good post are worth rejecting)

But always consider the entertainment value the forums provide, as well as educational.

don't let the unusual style turn you off, lurk for a spell and see if you can find any topics that interest you. There may be a learning curve as you come to understand the particulars about thread and post organization.
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