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Action targets?.....

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I was watching one of the shooting programs, the GSSF was shooting a row of six, 4 in. steel plates lined up on a saw horse looking contraption. They had a pull rope set up to reset the row when all went down. I thought that would be an awesome setup to play with. Has anyone seen anthing like it or plans to make one possibly?

I have a few of the small swinging gongs and they are a kick.Punching holes in paper is fine but we have more fun as a family when we get the flashier (and noisier) targets swinging!
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Well, if you are looking for real FUN targets, check this out:

Tannerite Reactive Targets
Have you used those Rich?

Looks like a BLAST!

I'd have a hard time laying out $100 for 20 targets, I'd bet they would become adicting.
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