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Stage one. 2 shots each draw, 45m torso. 6 seconds, draw and hit twice. Going prone is recommended, but not required.

Stage 2. 10 rds. 1 shot per draw. 23m. React,draw,hit, 2.5 seconds. Very easy, actually.

Stage 3, face 90degrees away from 3 torsos, 9m away from you, 3m between targets, edge to edge. On signal, react, draw, pivot, double tap each, 6 shot total, 4 seconds. Reload, reholster, face the opposite direction, repeat.

Stage 4. Face one target, 9m. Draw, hit 5x,reload, hit 5 more. Time limit, 8 seconds, very easy indeed.

Stage 5. Face 1 target. 8 rds total, 1 shot per draw. 1.5 seconds to react, draw, hit. If you are smooth, with a speed rig, it's easy.

50 rds, possible score 250. 10" A zone. Scoring over 230 is very difficult,under serious match pressure.Very few score over 240, even in match practice, with a realistic carry pistol and full charge ammo. An occasional 250 is posted, in practice, but not under real match pressure. Unrealistically long ranges,but an interesting challenge. cooper designed this one, in the 1950's, but stage 1 was 2 stages. untimed, on a Bullseye target,and 15 seconds, 5 hits on a torso, draw included. both at 45m.

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Is this considered a "realistic" stage ?????
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