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After the AWB goes away are you planning a special aquisition?

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I'm planning on my first AR.Just to see what the fuss is all about.
It will have a 20in barrel.It will have the handle on top.It will not have a vertical fore end,a light,an adjustable buttstock,optical sights of any kind,or a rail.I want to buy the sterotypical AR15.
That's what I'm planning on.

Assuming that I end up liking it THEN I'll consider all the goodies.
Like that .50 Beowolf upper.Hmmmmm.:)

Anyone else have a special purchase planned?
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Good topic! I'm pretty much set - I have a pre-ban Sporter lower on which a Bushy CAR upper is mounted. I also have a match upper for it in the safe, so I'm pretty much set. However, I will be interested to see what high-cap mag prices do, and also what effect there will be on the availability of 20-rounders, especially the synthetics (e.g.: Orlite, etc.) The 30s are still widely available, but the 20s seem hard to come by.

I got something in mind: Mags, mags, and did I mention mags?
I guess a lot depends on whether or not imports from out of the country will be allowed.

I wouldn't mind picking up a Sig 550/551 one of these days. But no way I'm going to pay today's prices on one.

Of course, there is the possibility that prices may already be dropping on some of this stuff if people believe their high dollar collectible prebans will no longer be as valuable then as they are still right now.

I hope the ban does sunset, but I would bet there is an immense amount of pressure (like $$$) to keep that from happening. And I have to admit I will be very surprised if the sunset does happen.
I've "heard"three things.That various states are attempting to make the AWB ban permanent in their state.That the cost of hi-cap mags has pretty much stabilized.That even when(if?) the bill sunsets any change in price will be only temporary.Non mainstream firearms like ,say, the H&K P7M14 might even become affordable.Between the $800 plus for the gun & mags @ +/-$150 ea they are a bit too exclusive for my budget.I would like some though.:)
I have also seen a number of "pre-bans"up for sale in the last couple of months.More than before.It seems like some of the hoarders believe that the ban WILL sunset & want to make their bucks now.
aint any real use for more than 4 mags,

and they last basically forever, and if you have sense enough to be using the AR, there will be new M16 mags forever (from the dead) if need be. So 1-2 more, as practice-spares, and 3 30 rders, loaded with 20 rds, charger and stripper clip sitting on top of the ones not in the gun, seem plenty. But then I can shoot, and I aint stupid enough to get involved in anything I don't have to be involved in.
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