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I was just in Phoenix, AZ for about the last 45 days; I got home late Wednesday night. While I was out there I pursued two of my favorite hobbies and got in some fine hiking while doing both. I went hiking looking for herps (reptiles & amphibians) mostly hoping to find some nice snakes and lizards to admire, but I also took along my Glock 19 (the Gs Glock 19 actually) and plenty of extra ammo. It was really nice to be able to drive out to the middle of nowhere within about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes, take about a 1/2 to 45 minute hike, and then be able to blast away to my heart's content. Of course I cleaned up my shell casings to leave it looking as nice as when I had gotten there except for my footprints. As for the bullets, they were buried in the soil of the hill I used as a back stop.

Beautiful country there in the hills and mountains of Arizona. It was beautiful shooting weather for the most part too, in the fifties and sixties up until the last few days when it skyrocketed into the low nineties. That was even hot for Phoenix at this time of year.

That is the one thing I have really missed since moving back to NY over 20 years ago from southern California (I do mean southern California too - El Centro and Calexico - about as far south in Calif. as you can get). There was not much to like in either of those towns except for the fact that you could drive 15 minutes and be in the middle of nowhere and able to shoot up a storm.

Back here in NY I have to go to an indoor range most times. There are a few outdoor ranges not all to far away, but they are not all that worth it. Oh well, maybe the G will send me on another bad guy hunt out west, and I'll get to have more fun on the wide open range soon; but in the meantime I have got to take the male heir apparent to the indoor range this weekend. That was the big thing lacking when I was in AZ, my shooting partner!

Safe shooting,
Glenn B
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