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circle of chest organs. A=square of radius x3.14. Do the math. Each 00 pellet has 150-250 ft lbs, depending upon the starting load, and the range. There's no reason to believe that getting hit with less than half of the buckshot charge (in the chest) is going to result in a stop. It MIGHT, but so might hits with a couple of .22's, from a rifle. MAYBE is not what the powermad fans of buckshot are what they THINK that they have going for them.

cylinder bore (no choke) is what 20" riot barrels have, and their patterns are typically 15" wide at 15 yds. 50 ft aint very far, and beyond that, their ability to stop a man, with one shot, is starting to get REALLY flaky. Beyond 30 yds, it's a joke, without special choking. The shotgun is a VERY short ranged tool for combat.
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