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MISS, waste a lot of time TRYING to get close enough to get head hits with rocks. That's STUPID, when you are exposed to enemies while so foraging, and when scoring is so essential as it will be after shtf. If there's time and space, u take 20 seconds, swap out the 223 parts for the .22 unit, pop the critter, go back to 223, or if the critter's too close, etc, you simply let the CAR hang on assault sling, draw the canned M21 Beretta .22, and pop the critter. The little .22 pocket auto easily has 10x the effective range of the slingshot and rocks, so you wont waste as much time or opportunity at game. For the weight-bulk of the slingshot, you can easily carry another 200 rds of .22l, and that's enough to forage for MANY years (assuming there IS any game to forage, of course). The canned auto .22 pistol offers LOTS more utility than does a sling shot. Ditto the .22 conversion in the AR-15.
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