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I bought up a few cases of "China Sports Norinco" 7.62X39 soft point, 122 grain, non corrosive ammunition and will never shoot it all up, so I'm willing to sell some of it. It's by far, one of the most accurate types ammunition you'll ever shoot out of an SKS and mine consistently shoots 2 inch groups at 100 yards. This ammunition has not been imported into the U.S. for over ten years. I've kept in stored in a big ammo can with silica gel bags to keep it dry. I would prefer not to have to ship it and would like the purchaser to pick it up. I live in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.
I also have some "Sellier & Bellot" 7.62X39 non corrosive solid point ammunition, which is just as accurate, to sell. It also is not available here anymore


Al Simon
[email protected]
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