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Ammo for the Henry Survival Rifle

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Well I finally got to the range with my new henry Survival rifle. I was hopeful that it would feed one or two types of ammo I gave it, and was pleased when it gobbled up almost everything I fed to it. I tried with about 7 types of ammo, let's see:

CCI Mini Mag (Hollow Points)
CCI Blazer (Solid Points)
Federal American Eagle (High velocity, solid point)
Federal Champion solids (Standard velocity, solid point)
PMC Scoremaster (Standard velocity, solid points)
Remington Subsonic (Hollow Point)
Peters (High Velocity Solid Points)

All fed without a problem except for the Federal Champion. This stuff just seems to be fraught with problems. It sometimes fails to feed correctly even in bolt action rifles I have, and is prone to misfires even with good hits on the rim. With the Henry, a couple failed to feed correctly and one or two failed to fire.

I like the rifle but have to say it shot everything low by a few to 6 inches and the sight is adjusted about as high as it will go. Maybe it needs a trip back to Brooklyn for a bit of fine tuning, but I'll have to fire a few hundred more rounds first. It was centered pretty well, and if I aimed at a Squirrels head I would probably hit it in the chest if it was up on two legs. I guess it is ok for a last ditch survival rifle; but I'll have to try a Marlin Papoose too. That is on my wish list.

Best regards,
Glenn B
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It's been my experience that most Federal ammunition, with the exception of the American Eagle brand .22 rimfire, is pretty sorry stuff. Inconsistent performance and in way too many cases no performance at all.

The American Eagle .22 LR seems to be pretty good - it goes bang with regularity, feeds properly, shoots reasonably accurately and meets (almost) advertised velocities.

How did I get to be Unregistered fot that post?

hey glenn i have the papoose take down model.dont think they make them anymore which might not be a bad thing.. stock is kinda short due to the takedown feature. feeds well with most rounds. few jams once in a while but not usually till u shoot over about 200 rounds in a row.. had four of us shooting it one afternoon. it handled pretty well...only other think ya might want to check on them is i havent been able to find any clips that handle more than seven rounds soo thats somethign else ya might want to consider
GunsNStuff sells a takedown 10-22 ruger

conversion. The Papoose badly needs a forend to hang onto, so you can get faster hits with it. It also needs a retractable buttstock, a 6" barrel (so regular high speed .22 ammo is subsonic) and about 7" of 1" OD sound suppressor, see thru scope mount and luminous iron sights. Then it would be a pretty good cache gun, in case you had nothing else and shtf.
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