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amt of practice,past or present, is NOT what

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matters, dumbass. It's what you can DO that matters.If all you practice is bullseye, you will NEVER be fast at the draw. If all you practice is open wear draws, you will NEVER be fast at ccw draw. If all you practice is slowfire, you will NEVER master rapidfire. If you never shoot with the weak hand, you will NEVER be good at it. If you never practice with the flashlight, you will NEVER swiftly combine the light and the shooting. If you never practice the speed reload or tactical reload, you will never be good at those moves, either. If you never practice on a mover, you can't hit one with any reliability. If you never practice shootig while moving, ditto. If you never practice going prone, or supine or using cover, guess what? So it has to be PERFECT practice to make you perfect. Otherwise, you can log a millon hours at the range, and you will just be another D class shottist, like garnad and Bartley.
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Better to be 'D' class than no class like you are Melvin. Your jealousy is showing.

An excwllent example of stating the obvious.
So tell us the last time you shot a match? So tell us the last time you even went shooting? By the way I'm off to the range in about 30 minutes, how about you?
Melvin "thinks" he can make a bullet fly where he wants it to go, he "thinks"he able to shoot(and unless his foot attacks him he can't hit anything else) and he "thinks" he's a stud, yet we all know he's not(Whats it called melvin?Erectile dysfunction?)*L* A limp dick, no life,loser, sums melvin up pretty good.
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