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This one folds, but to the side instead of the weird over-the-barrel folding of the keltec; so you can put a red do, light, or whatever you want on the top rail. (The way a keltec folds, you can’t use a top mounted red dot or anything else along the normal sighting plane.)

Also, only can use m&p magazines. PCC’s aren’t for everyone or every situation, but for some applications they can be plenty adequate.

I’m starting to wonder if the current regulatory hostility toward braced pistols might have the unintended consequence of improving the small-carbine market options, much like like the magazine-capacity hostility ended up improving the pistol market back then. Before the 10-rd magazine ban, we didn’t have very many small-but-serious guns like we do now, and no matter what ends up happening with the brace fiasco, we might end up with options that might not otherwise have been offered.
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