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Yea, got 1 that could have been worse!

Trapped in a grocery line with one of my CCW's in a "Pager Pal" holster Strong side IWB... Directly in the path of a runaway little 3yr old who was making a deadon run for me with a fiendish look of glee and both little arms clasped together and cocked over his head... too young to be more than marginally socially responsable, but old enough to know it was entertaining to slam an adult male square in the stones:hot: The little menace had broken loose from Momma, and was on a full-tilt collision course for my crotch!:smash:! I was just fast enough to swerve, and his hard little fists whacked right into my .40S&W! HARD!:D
The brat let out a screech like a turpentined cat and ran howling to Mamma... I got a good look at Mamma's look of horror that her little fiend was wounded and had the presence of mind to double over clutching my Pager Pal and groaning "I Think I'ts BROKEN! :dgrin: Momma and her little Darlin' were GONE! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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