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Anybody ever made a magazine (rifle or pistol)

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Just curious if anybody has done that. Know of any links/discussions about the process. Would probably take a master metalsmith.

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yes, I made the "sten" mag for my first smg, and was it ever a pita. Sten mags have no "spring' in the metal, just a double layer of sheet steel. Bill Holme's first book, the smg, shows you how to do it, but it's a big waste of time and effort. I also rifled the first smg barrel, until I realized that I could get 6 of the 3" long barrels, out of a $35 Uzi barrel, with just a chambering reamer and a die for threading the barrel-chunks. :)
I've actually thought of trying my hand at this.I figure that it would only take a sheet metal brake,a spot welder,& some time to expieriment.I'd personally use "factory"mag-followers & springs.I think that it'd be easiest to make "square" or at least straight walled rifle mags like those for a FAL,M1A,or G3/CETME.Pistol mags,at least mine,look like a die would be needed & a press.You could use a hydraulic jack as a press but you'd still need the die set to make the compound bends.

A simple hammer,dolly,anvil,& a sample mag should be all that's needed to get the feed lips correct.

Might be a fun saturday afternoon project. :smash:
u need "spring' steel sheet metal. You don't necessarily have to have a punch press. complex "flat" shapes can be made and then tig or gas welded together. it's a pointless task, however. For what it costs you to set up and learn to do, you can easily stockpile a dozen lifetime's worth of mags.
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